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Here I share my thoughts about living a creative life, about how I found more and more fun and joy in making art and looking for creativity by getting rid of my demons like fear, perfectionism, what-might-other-people-think, ugliness (what’s that anyway?), Art with a big A, dogma’s …. Everybody is an artist and everybody is creative!

Please feel free to share your story in the comments in my posts! I read all the comments and I would love to hear from you!

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Why didn’t I read this earlier?

I'm wondering now why I didn't read this great book about "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" written by Betty Edwards earlier? It's sooooooooooo much of an eye opener. I've heard about this book several times, and finally bought it, bumping in it by...

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Drawing from the beauty inside

"Cheer cheer cheer" ! published an article by Sara Lettieri about my artwork workshop with people with dementia 🙂 You can read it here: But I want to share it with...

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You’re rejected.

You’re rejected   How many times have I heard that my work was rejected for this or that competition, … I hear “you’re rejected”, instead of “your work is not selected”. It hurts and I take it too personally: I identify myself with my work, I AM my work....

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The Plan is, There is no Plan

I rarely felt so happy to get home. What was I looking for, being five weeks in Italy? What was I looking for that I can't find at home? I was traveling to get out of my comfort zone. Yes I had a lot of fun sketching every day, feeling the sun on my skin felt great...

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Get out of your comfort zone

Last week I organized an urban sketching event for the local cultural center, so some students never had been urban sketching. There was a lady who hadn't been drawing since years. Actually to be more precise: since she was a child, some 30 years ago... It took her a...

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