Thank you thank you thank you !

I felt overwhelmed by your love and support to my previous blogpost where I was screaming out my overwhelm and despair because of my moving of houses. That really meant so much to me!

Thank you !

I’m slowly getting used to the new house and letting go the old one. I loved it so much, but the fact that the now owners love it so much as well makes me happy.

So I did start drawing again and it was so healing, emptying my head of all the stress, helping me live more in the moment and concentrate on the here and now, a means of experiencing my new place today. And what will happen tomorrow we’ll see tomorrow… It makes me see and feel better. When I unpacked and sorted out my art supplies I felt so much better. When I play around with them it’s magic time, where all my weaknesses and what torments me fades away, just doesn’t matter.

Now summer came. Next week I’ll have less work in the office, so more time to make art, makes some new online classes and let’s do this “World Watercolor Month” this July, starting today, a watercolor a day.

Hey and: it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece! Just a small watercolor sketch is fine, no?

For those of you who are in UK: let’s meet in London at the end of the month: I’ll be there from 21st to 25th July for the urbansketchers meeting.

Much love to all of you and thank you again!


P.S.: I bought a new toy: a Kakimori dip pen. Did you try one of those already?


PS: And I finally have a Skillshare class in french!

J’ai enfin un cours Skillshare en français ! 🙂

Avec ce lien vous pouvez teste la plateforme pendant un mois. il y a d’autres cours en français!



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