Do you find time to play in your sketchbook?

I don’t find enough time…. So I made a Skillshare class about it…. (teach what you most need to learn to make sure you remember it laughing)

My new class is all about taking time to play in my sketchbook 🙂

My sketchbook is helping me through some confusing times…. 

Inspired by Frederick Frank’s book “Zen seeing, Zen drawing”, I try to approach a meditative drawing method, to make drawing more accessible, intuitive and to take away the fear of making a “bad” drawing. Let’s make our sketching more fluid, satisfying and joyful! It focuses on paying more attention and looking differently at a subject, and trusting what you see and put that onto the paper. Drawing that way will give more pleasure in observation sketching. Watercolour sketching is my way of relaxing and meditating!

I want to experiment different ways of sketching and as well different ways of using colours

And at the same time I’m still documenting my moving out of our beloved house…. Documenting stuff we can’t take with us, and spaces I loved… It’s my “home” sketchbook…. Helping me figuring out what makes me feel at home somewhere? How will I make myself best feel at home in the future home?

I wonder: what makes you feel “at home” somewhere?

Oh yes, and below I share a video with you that I made for the new Skillshare class but I didn’t use it, because it’s too long! It’s a painting from our terrace and garden with cherry blossoms 🌸🌸🌸

Have a lovely day and enjoy !

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