What kind of a year was 2023 for you? For a lot of people it was a dark year of war time… and Climate Change… Quite stressfull of course….

So I’m very grateful and lucky to live in Belgium… I feel very privileged for the moment…. being busy with work and Art, enjoying friends and family… Busy with thinking about the year to come. 2024.

Before setting my goals for a new year coming, I like to do a review of my past year. 

  • What was your most important accomplishment and why?
    My book about Brussels!
  • What was your biggest lesson and why is that important?
    Life is short and precious: I learned that lesson the hard way thanks to my aneurysm and hospitalisation for the treatment of my aneurysm. I’m so grateful to everyone, the doctors and nurses, and that it was discovered so early, before it exploded…..
  • What are you ready to let go of?
    Gossiping, comparing myself to others, which creates envy and discouragement, spending too much time on social media
  • What are you most excited to create and experience in 2024?
     my book about Portugal, and new Skillshare classes


And what are your goals for the new year?

  • Finding time to paint and sketch is so important, but it’s oftentimes not that easy to do, so I want to create a small habit again of at least 10 minute sketching a day
  • try different mediums more to experiment outside my comfort zone!
  • allowing for more time to play and experiment with different art media and learning to sketch people with ease and confidence
  • To try a series of sketches with a specific theme, like trees and more tea cups and coffee cups and people ! Creating series helps to make a sketchbook habit, because then you don’t need to think about what to draw.
  • To further deepen my exploration and experimentation of art through various mediums and subjects while sharpening my skills and techniques in on-location sketching and painting. I want to continue to coach and share my love for sketching with others so they can enjoy art to the fullest. Lastly, I want to continue to use my art and skills for a good cause, and continue with my art workshop for people with dementia


Some tips to help you keep a sketchbook habit:

  1. Set a specific time daily: for me it’s in the evening, after work
  2. Keep a corner in your home where you can leave your sketching materials visible and ready
  3. Don’t finish your sketch: leave the sketch unfinished will help you to start again the next day without overthinking
  4. Choose a theme to work on. For the moments I’m drawing trees with Dina Brodsky
  5. Join a community to work on a challenge with other people and share your progress
  6. Set small achievable goals, like “draw one object from my desk” every day, or a tree in your environment
  7. Try to associate your Art Moment with Relaxation Time, not with stress and pressure. Drawing and Painting are a form of meditation after a long working day.
  8. If uninspired, look for tutorials on YouTube


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