I have constant self-doubt when I write an email, a book or a blog post, and also when I draw…

When I make a new online class for Skillshare it’s even worse.

Why should anyone care and watch my classes?

Of course when I get good reviews the self-doubt, or imposter syndrome if you will, diminishes a bit…. But it doesn’t’ go away…While a certain level of self-criticism can be beneficial for improving creative work, excessive self-doubt can be paralyzing. Persistent self-doubt can sap motivation and enthusiasm. On a positive note, a certain degree of self-doubt can be a catalyst for learning and growth. It can drive creatives to seek feedback, learn new skills, and strive to improve their work. The key is finding a balance between constructive self-criticism and crippling self-doubt.

A good remedy to excessive negative feelings I found is focusing on positive events,  and celebrating big and small highlights.

My TOP 4 HIGHLIGHTS of 2023 in no particular order are :

  1. My new book about Brussels that was published in September!

In making this book, my self-doubt was at a high peak! Because it’s my home town…. I thought it would never be good enough! Making my 2 books about Japan was much easier…

But here it is! And it looks great and I also get a lot of compliments about the texts. If you order it on my editor’s website, she’ll send it to you with the English textbook!

  1. Seeing the personal Student Projects in my 2 Skillshare classes about thumbnails!

I think they’re my favorite classes so far and bring a lot of joy because of the excellent student projects which are published in the class. They’re the most personal student projects I ever saw!


  1. Sketching in Portugal and working on my new book!

I love starting a new project and discovering Portugal is a joy !

Would you be interested in following the creative process of the making of a book?

  1. Attending the Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage in Clermont-Ferrand

Meeting all these interesting people on the “rendez-vous du carnet de voyage” (Travel Sketchbook Fair) in Clermont-Ferrand) last November is the best anti-dote to self-doubt, because all the people visiting, and all the other artists, are genuinely interested in what everybody is making! I received so much LOVE ! Thank you ! ❤️ 

It was wonderful! It was like a whole long weekend bathing in creativity and compliments of people visiting the fair!

I also gave a workshop there, which gave me ideas for new workshops and online classes.

So I created a new Skillshare class focused on the 2 things which changed my creative journey:

  1. thumbnails and
  2. the 5 perceptual skills from Betty Edward’s “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”.

Yes…. Focus on Drawing! Because usually, most of the time, when there’s a difficulty in a sketch or watercolor, it’s related to drawing…. So I decided also for myself, to focus this last month of 2023 on working on my drawing skills…. Thank you, self -doubt…

These travel sketchbook fairs also made me meet wonderful people, like sketchbook maker Gaëlle Spaeth, who made me wonderful leporello reproductions of some of my sketchbooks  ! 

Happy Holidays wherever you are !

It’s incredible to think that we’re in the final weeks of 2023. May your creative journey keep unfolding with excitement and originality.

What are your highlights of 2023?

And what would you like to focus on in 2024?

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