I received this beautiful message about Autumn, which I want to share with you, because it’s my favorite season! I find it soothing and giving me energy!    

As we enter Autumn, may we find harmony with the rhythm of the changing season and the lessons it brings:

  • As the leaves begin to change, may we embrace the natural process of evolution that allows us to warmly welcome growth, transformation, and expansion.

  • As the leaves begin to fall, may we, too, learn to let go with loving ease. I feel quite tired for the moment. I try to let go of all the things I don’t have any energy for… which isn’t always easy. Somethings it comes with guilt…

  • As the farmers begin their harvest, may we acknowledge and celebrate the fruits of our labors from the seeds we have planted throughout the year. Do you take enough time to celebrate? I’m good in beating myself up for plenty of things, but when I finish something, I find myself already stressing about the next thing to do, without taking time to celebrate what I accomplished. What about you?

  • As the sun sets earlier and the days become shorter, may we accept the invitation for more stillness, rest and rejuvenation. Rest & sleep, and take time to enjoy the beauty around us may be quite difficult in these times where there’s so much bad news around… We might even feel guilty for resting and enjoying ourselves…


So what are you up to for the moment?

I want to thank you all for reading my blog, for being subscribed to my mailing list and letting me into your mailbox, for following what I do and maybe also for taking my online classes! I am beyond grateful because without being able to share with you all my creative adventure would be less meaningful.

I’ve been learning so much these last years! Mainly since the pandemic.

I’ve been myself reviewing earlier online classes I made, and this weekend I edited and improved the video’s of my Watercolor for beginners class! I edited most of the video’s and changed things which I found not good. Like the music which was too loud (so sorry about that!!  and I cut out “ahmmms” and “eeeuuuuhmmms”  which makes it nicer to watch now I think! At least I hope so 😉

And now I’m making a follow up on my “Autumn trees class” ! Because I love autumn so much 

I will be showing how I use watersoluble graphite with autumn colors to create texture.

Is there something else you want to see?

Here’s a video I want to share with you on my You Tube channel where I make a painting with watersoluble graphite and watercolor. The water soluble graphite is by Viarco Portugal.

And finally, there’s a TED talk I want to share with you, about having more fun and feeling alive. It’s an eye opening talk. It made me realise I shouldn’t feel so guilty about wanting to have more fun 🤩 . To stop “doing”, to be able to be more, and to feel alive. I keep myself busy, to the point of exhaustion. Have you had your daily dose of fun? It’s not just enjoyable, it’s also essential for your health and happiness, says science journalist Catherine Price. She proposes a new definition of fun — what she calls “true fun” — and shares easy, evidence-backed ways to weave playfulness, flow and connection into your everyday life. Having fun makes you feel alive!

When was the last moment where you had true fun? When you felt most alive? “Fun” is a feeling, not an activity.

 Fun is determined by playfulness, connection and flow. I often feel it when I go sketching together with people. It’s energising, makes us present in the moment, unites us, makes us healthier and happier.

Much love,



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