Practice what you preach…. 

I thought I’d always find time to sketch and paint, but that’s not true…. I didn’t touch my art supplies for more than 2 weeks… Those boxes were the last thing I made… And then I also had to pack my studio. 

We moved to a house that’s about 4 times smaller… and we took too much stuff! So we had trouble unpacking because we didn’t have enough place to put everything… Mostly a “too many books” problem… And it was so so stressfull and overwhelming it took all my headspace…! And my cat is traumatised as well, crying the whole time and pulling out her hair… Terrible… And we still don’t have any bathroom so we’re exploring bathrooms of friends. embarassed

Sometimes a part of us must die before another part can come to life, it appears. Some part died when I moved houses, but I’m still waiting for the part to come alive…. 

Finally now I unpacked my art supplies and cleaned my drawing table and yesterday I made a sketch of a puppet I found in one of my old boxes. It had been stored away for 20 years.

Now I continue to clean up and give away stuff. 

But where is my energy to sketch? I have also a Skillshare class to finish… I need to find my energy back. I feel terribly tired and confused, trying to make myself feel at home again.

Sketch every day, even if it’s for only 5 minutes! Well,…. even those 5 minutes are not possible for the moment… And that sketchbook is just laying there now, waiting. My play space. My practice place. My second brain. It’s waiting to help me deal with grief, with the change of homes, with aging. It’s there waiting for me to return, to reconnect to the present and the world around me and to make me stop ruminating.

It will bring me back beauty and help me discover and explore ideas. Make connections. Play again!


Please tell me if you have any tips?


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