Hello my dearest !

It’s that time of the year again: december !

And we’re still in a pandemic year, with all exacerbated emotions, highs and lows…

How has this  year been for you? 


Have you been creating and drawing and painting? How do you plan on fueling you creative energy?


For this moment I’m packing my bags: we sold our house to move to a much smaller place. It’s good to downsize, but I will miss this house… so I started to document it in a “home sketchbook”.


Apart from that I learn a lot from my online classes I created last year.


I found with the experience of my students that the most common creative block for artists is self-consiousness and worrying about what other people might think of what we make!

Like a student wrote me so well last month: “Art is personal!” YES! Make art for yourself and for pleasure. You have no control over what other people think and anyway you can never please everyone. Everyone has his own style and way of drawing and painting. So stop analyzing and comparing yourself to others and just draw and paint! Play!


“Whatever talent someone else has, no matter how great, is the talent he needs for HIS art. It’s not talent I need for my art. In my event, the world is full of unmade art (and sorrow) by people who worried too much about talent.”, Esme wrote me! I couldn’t have said it better! Thank you so much dear Esme!


I learn so much from you all! I’m really grateful to be in connection with you! Thank you so much again for keeping in touch!

You all inspire me!


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