Day of confinement 14 is quite a bad day. I’m very restless and don’t feel like sketching…

OMG ! I was struggling to force myself to make this video ! If I didn’t receive so many cheers from you for my videos I think I’d given up…. I was not at all in the mood! Another friend has gotten sick and so my mind was occupied with these worries… 😞

But here you go : now I switch to a leporello sketchbook by Fabriano: it’s longer and a bit bigger. I was tired of sketching so small…

I started by painting the virus again and putting a title, and when I want to turn the page I notice it’s upside down! yell cry

So you see me gluing some paper on the text to turn the sketchbook upside down….

And then up to the garden… …

There’s a wooden bench, table and chairs waiting for friends to come back have dinner and chats after the confinement.

I hope you’re all well!


And then on day 15 I still feel awkwardly restless.

And I have some work for the office… 

So let’s draw a book …

What have you been reading lately?

I read this great book from Sheila Heti: “How should a person be?”. Another wonderful book by her is “Motherhood”. 

If you don’t know what to read, go for it!

I first made a pencil drawing and then I used the white greasy pencil (Mitsubishi Dermatograph to draw on metal, glass and plastics) to write the white text. Most of the text stayed white when I painted the red on it. At the end I used a white Posca marker to add some white.

I also added some text in ballpoint pen. It’s nice to read about the confinement later on. It’s an interesting text from Aisha Ahmad in The Chronicle : “Why you should ignore all that Coronavirus-inspired productivity pressure”

Now more than ever, we must abandon the performative and embrace the authentic. Our essential mental shifts require humility and patience. Focus on real internal change. These human transformations will be honest, raw, ugly, hopeful, frustrated, beautiful, and divine. And they will be slower than keener academics are used to. Be slow. Let this distract you. Let it change how you think and how you see the world. Because the world is our work. And so, may this tragedy tear down all our faulty assumptions and give us the courage of bold new ideas.


Tell me if you have any questions.

Stay safe and healthy!




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