Sugoi book (FR) with original watercolor and english textbook


Publisher: Éditions Akinomé

Author(s): Barbara Luel Pecheur

Published: 5 october 2021

Edition: 1st edition

Interior: Colour

Media: Book

Weight (in grammes): 750

Language(s): French with english textbook

EAN13 Book: 9791096405404

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Book with UNIQUE WATERCOLOR SIGNATURE and english textbook

The dédicace tea cup painting in book will vary from this picture as it's originally made each time a book is ordered. If you want a particular color in the tea cup you can send me a special demand.

Please also add in the comments when you buy if you want a particular text written in the book

For lovers of the Far East, the Japanese temples of Kyoto, the old traditional houses with sliding walls (shoji) or the museums of prints (ukiyo-e) are impressive places.

But, astonishingly, what impressed the author of this book most were everyday objects.

To understand them, you need to decipher them. Especially those made by passionate craftsmen, in wood, cast iron, ceramics, bamboo... They are true monuments in miniature. So much so, in fact, that the best craftsmen-creators are officially recognized as "Living National Treasures".

During her many trips to Japan, Barbara Luel has gleaned all kinds of objects: for cooking, for painting her notebooks, for decoration or for the table.

➩ The book presents 23 categories of craft objects, according to their use and materials, all painted in watercolor.

➩ Last but not least, the author, who is active in the urban-sketching movement in Brussels, provides invaluable "tips" - to all her readers who would like to take up travel drawing.

Have a look here to see how I painted this tea cup: 

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