Yay I’m leaving to Portugal to go sketchbing for my new book for Akinome and my new Skillshare class 

I love to paint the map and my art supplies in my new sketchbooks and I made a video this time to show you how I prepare my trip.

I also show you how I mix my favourite grey colour.

I hope you like the video and tell me if you have any questions.

And important: don’t forget to add your name and address in your sketchbook in case you loose it!

The accordeon sketchbook (or “leporello” if you prefer) was made by Will J Bailey. You can order it here.

The pocket palettes are by Arttoolkit of course! In US you can order them here : https://arttoolkit.com/

And in Europe you can order them here: https://www.artemiranda.com/gb/ 

Here you can see my colour list:

Yellow palette:

  • DS Titanium Buff,
  • DS Tiger’s Eye Genuine
  • DS Transparent Yello Ochre
  • W&N Raw Umber
  • W&N Napel’s yellow
  • DS Burnt Orange
  • DS Transparent Pyrrol Orange
  • DS Hansa Yellow
  • DS Perinone Orange
  • Holbein Gold
  • W&N Potter’s Pink
  • DS Scklerite Genuine
  • Schmincke Sepia
  • Schmincke Deret green
  • W&N Burnt Umber
  • W&N Transparent Red Oxide
  • Holbein Deep Scarlet
  • W&N Burnt Sienna
  • W&N Rouge Anglais

Green palette

  • DS Black
  • DS Indigo
  • Schmincke Indigo
  • W&N Prussian blue
  • W&N Ultramarine blue
  • W&N Cobalt blue
  • Vert Anglais by Sennelier
  • DS Cerulean blue
  • W&N Cerulean blue
  • DS Sleeping beauty
  • Schmincke Forest blue
  • Schmincke Forest brown
  • DS Apatite genuine
  • my grey mixture of ultramarine and transparent orange
  • schmincke forest olive
  • DS Green earth

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