I’m finally preparing for summer ! The sun has come to Brussels, birds are singing, the confinement is ending here and we’re meeting again with urbansketchers to go sketching outside together. Restaurants and terraces have opened and most of us are vaccinated now…. Everything is going to be all right !

I hope you’re all right as well.

I’m sharpening my pencils, finishing my second book with Editions Akinome : I’m making a book about arts & crafts in Japan. It’s of course not a scientific book but a travel sketchbook! If you don’t have my first book yet you can buy it on my editor’s website: she’ll send it to you with an english text included.

Other big news is that I’m participating in the travel sketchbook festival at Ile de la Réunion on the festival Embarquement Immédiat.

That Island looks fantastic and the festival as well! If you have the possibility to join us, please do ! I’ll be there from 10th to 26th July, but the festival is from 19th to 26 th July and there are plenty of great workshops to do. I’ll give 3 workshops. I’m especially excited because I didn’t take holidays since more then 2 years, so this trip feels like an extra treat… Can’t wait to be there!

I hope you all will have a wonderful summertime with a lot of sketching and play time !


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