In the end of this very special year 2020 I’m very excited to announce you that I finally have an online drawing and painting class ! It’s on the Skillshare platform here !

Skillshare is a great platform where you pay a monthly fee and you access to more then 2000 creative classes as much as you want! You can even take my class just as a one week try out and if you’re not happy you don’t pay and you stop your trial membership 🙂

The content of my class is based on what I teach in my last live workshops: Drawing Made Easy: Observational Drawing and Watercolor Exercises for Everyone

It’ll give you an intuitive method to look at you want to draw and hopefully make drawing and painting more fun. At least that’s what it did for me!


Why stress over what/how to sketch? Relax! Look at the scene in a creative and intuitive way, find your unique ‘handdrawing’ and JUST DRAW IT!

We may feel uncomfortable with our sketching skills or overwhelmed by the environment. We wonder if we really have “the gift” to draw well. Such pressure to perform may even take away the joy of sketching. Inspired by Betty Edwards’ method “drawing from the right side of the brain”, I developed some urbansketching exercises, to make drawing more accessible and to take away the fear of making a “bad” drawing. Let’s make our sketching more fluid, satisfying and joyful! It focuses on paying more attention and looking differently at a subject, and trusting what you see and put that onto the paper. Drawing that way will give more pleasure in observation sketching.

This class takes away the fear of making a bad drawing, takes away the fear of not having talent. It makes learning to sketch more fun without studying perspective rules. After this class you can draw anything you want!

You’ll learn

  • How to get into your emotional and creative right side of your brain
  • 5 important perceptual skills
  • How to get lively lines and textures
  • How to add simple but rich watercolor washes

This is a class for all skill levels, either total beginner, or experienced artists wanting to get a new point of view and some new techniques.

You will complete 2 urban sketches with watercolor as your final project


I will guide you step by step through


  • The “looking” exercise
  • The construction of the line work
  • With simple tips we’ll bring life and volume in the drawing
  • And with lively washes we’ll add texture and happy colors


After that you can apply these simple steps to anything you want


I hope you enjoy it!

It’s my first online class so I was quite stressed… Please give me feedback so I can improve myself! 🙂

Click here to go to the class and give it a try ! You can take 2 weeks try out for free and so if you’re not happy you don’t pay 😉

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