In my previous blogpost I was talking about my spring pocket palettes, and about my pink pocket palette.

The pink watercolor tubes I bought to make that palette are not all available any more. Some beautiful Holbein pinks I bought in Japan are sold out.

Pink is a particular beautiful color that is not very often used, so you maybe also don’t want to buy a whole tube of it? I particularly love the juicy cherry blossom color Shell Pink by Holbein.

My friend Nathalie told me she found Shell Pink is made of Titanium White and Pyrrol orange, so I decided to experiment myself with all the reddish orange and orangish red color tubes I had in my drawer and mix them with Titanium white, an opaque white.

In the video below you can see the mixtures I made. Some are too orange according to my taste, but very juicy anyway !

I mixed titanium white with:

  • Rose Doré Madder Lake (Sennelier)
  • Rose Madder Genuine (Winsor & Newton)
  • Alizarine Crimson (Winsor & Newton)
  • Permanent Alizarine Crimson (Holbein)
  • Transparent Pyrrol Orange (Qor)
  • Winsor Red Shade
  • Chinese Orange (Sennelier)
  • Saturn Red Orange (Sennelier)

Have a try !

It’s really fun!

Tell me if you found other mixes that are beautiful!





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