We are getting up every day, doing what is expected from us, and then we go back to sleep again, and this we call life.

We sabotage our creativity without noticing it, because we imitate what others have done before us, what we were educated to do, and we think it has to be done that way and no other way. And in the meantime we organize things in a way , so that we do not have time to think about what we feel deep inside ourselves.

We forget what we are worth and don’t dare to believe we deserve better. We find it easier to comfort ourselves from the pain, then to choose what really would make us happy : living our creative life! We could continue this way, and suddenly we be old, and then we would feel into our bones, that things are not right, that something else would have been possible, if we had dare to know better. But then we would think it is too late. It is never too late to dare to live your creativity. You have something unique to give to this world. We all have!

Even if everything has been done before: YOU can do things in Your way, an authentic way that has not been done before. Live well, and dream harder. Learn to look to yourself, look after yourself, and think about what we are doing and why we are doing it.
Is this really what I want to do?

Being a child, everybody is drawing and painting, and as a teenager we kind of forget about it. We FORGET how to do it without fear! Our education is focused on “making” university professors, just knowing how to use the left side of our brains. Then when we are adults, we have to learn again how to draw and have fun while drawing, because our education has trained us not to fail. So we are “afraid” of failing by making “ugly” drawings…

But what is “ugly” anyway?! F*ck “talent” and “passion”. Drawing and painting is about having fun. That’s it. By living our “creative life” I don’t mean dedicating 24 hours a day to Art. A creative life means living a life driven by curiosity and connection, rather then by fear. Connection to yourself, to what you feel like doing, connection to others, to what is right for you. Without judgement of any possible failure.

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about this well in her book “Big Magic”. In this episode of Marie TV is an inspiring interview of her: Click here


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