Hello my dearest  !

I’m so excited my book with drawings of Japan is finally published !

Excited and afraid… afraid people won’t like it and won’t buy it of course…

Is it good enough? Is it beautiful enough?

Did I leave some typing errors in the texts?….


Etcetera etcetera…


It’s the same with making drawings and paintings: don’t be a perfectionist or you’ll never get anything out there. Most of us have a big “imposter syndrome”. Don’t let these fears get in the way of your dreams and ruin your creativity. Relax, and just draw and paint! 


I forgot my architect’s mantra:




“right and perfect”!

No! Freedom!

Happy line! Play time!

“Because life’s too short to count windows”, Ian said.


The book is in French, but I’ve been writing English texts with Pat Southern-Pearce to have a bilingual version. It’s not really a translation. It’s a different text, but about the same subject.


In the book I talk about why I love traveling to Japan so much, I talk about Japan, and I also talk about how the drawings and paintings are done.

Most have been done on site, but some have been redone at home, because the lay out was not good enough for publishing in a book.


If you’re in Belgium and you want to talk about it: I’ll present it at the book fair in Brussels on Friday 6th March at 6 pm.

And I’ll be also there this weekend on Saturday and Sunday afternoon to make drawings ! I’d be happy to meet you there!


Otherwise You can buy it on the website of my publisher: https://www.editions-akinome.com/produit/kisetsu-les-quatre-saisons/

It’s only 14.90 euros ! (The price for 5 cappuccinos in Brussels  😉  )



Much love,



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