As I celebrate my birthday I made a new video sketching some art supplies, remembering my resolutions of making art every day and making more videos to create more connection through art.

Art is a universal language and I’m so grateful for the connections I make through art with so many people loving art as well, loving urbansketching, exchanging art materials and drawing technique ideas.

And of course I notice for myself that I don’t manage to follow my resolution of painting and drawing every day. Maybe you have the same feeling?

Don’t beat yourself up! 

Of course most days when I come home from office I have to force myself to go and sit at my drawing table. I’m tired 🥱  I just “don’t feel like it”. Then I force myself to sit down, pick up my pencil/brush/ballpoint pen and “just do it” ! And I concentrate on what I’m doing, empty my head and I know I will feel better afterwards. Always!  if you want to become better at drawing/painting, just PRACTICE regularly. Don’t wait until you “feel like it”… Stop waiting for courage. Just pick up the brush and paint. Don’t be afraid to make an idiot out of yourself. You’re allowed to be messy and mess up your drawings. Take action. That’s what a sketchbook is for: for messy practice.

Like I read on Brooke Morales Instagram page talking about the 365 skies she painted:

  1. It’s never too late to continue where you left, or to start something new.
  2. It’s never too late to start again…and again…and pick up again your pencil/brush
  3. You likely don’t need to wait for the beginning of a new week or a new month or a new year to get started on something positive you’d like to begin. If you’re itching to do something…start now – don’t delay! Life is short and there’s no downside to getting a head start on something fantastic.

Most of all: Enjoy yourself!

Enjoying yourself is the only way to keep going. If you need like minded souls: go sketch with some urbansketchers in your neighboorhood.

If you don’t know what to paint, why not paint the sky each morning for 365 days. Painting a small thumbnail sky doesn’t take long! Here you can read how she did it:

When it will be daylight in the morning when I wake up, I’ll paint some skies…. (for the moment is winter and it’s dark when I wake up…)

Or why not make a tea cup sketchbook: just make a 10-minutes tea cup painting a day. 🙂 On my You Tube channel you can see me painting some tea cups. 

I will paint some more soon so subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see them!

In the mean time I started a new sketchbook. You can see my first page of art supplies in this video below.


Enjoy and let me know what you would like to know more about so i can write something about it, or make a video about it.





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