Did you already try urban sketching? If not: check out the blog urbansketchers.org

I haven’t always been so confident with sketching in public…. Some urban sketching meetings helped me to get over the fear of people watching me sketching. If you haven’t tried urban sketching yet, check out the local urban sketching community near your place. Urban sketchers communities are very supportive to each other, catching the world one sketch at a time. Most of the urban sketching groups organize sketch crawls. They’re always a lot of fun.

Sketching, painting, drawing,… I didn’t want to do it in public, thinking that what I made was not Art, not worth being seen by others. Was I talented enough? Passionate enough about it? No, I didn’t do it everyday like the “Real Artists”! BUT NO it’s not about Talent! It’s not about Passion! It’s about joy and having fun and expressing your creative life!

And what is actually happening when you go out sketching? No, people will not come over to make fun of you and laugh at you. People will come over and ADMIRE you for your sketching. They will connect with you and talk and say they wished they could do that as well. 🙂

Sketching when you travel creates much more intense memories then taking pictures. It makes you really look at things differently.

So go for it. Grab a sketchbook, pen, pencil, whatever and go out and sketch.

Here’s my video about my Japanese sketchbooks : The fun about urban sketching

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