“Happy new year” is a bit difficult to say today, with these Covid problems which are not over yet, and all this violence around, and climate problems… but what else can we say? I wish you the best new year possible, a beautiful and a healthy new year ! A new year full of love, friendship and beauty ! Let’s make the best of it, anyway, and try to make our world a bit better and more beautiful. 

I have to say that making art was what saved my year. I really escaped in it! It kept my mental health ok. Drawing and painting were my meditation to empty my head of the worries, and to document my life. Otherwise I would’ve become really upset and depressed. I now manage to make almost a drawing each day, and gave myself challenges, like making daily videos (on my youtube channel) and making my online course on Skillshare.


On my Youtube channel you can find new tutorial videos, and on my Instagram I share on IGTV a video of an IG live interview I did in December with Ch’ng Kiah Kiean about drawing and painting with watersoluble graphite. He gives a demonstration about it.

I hope soon we will be able to do live workshops again… Watersoluble graphite creates wonderful textures. We’ll make a workshop with that.


Trying new drawing techniques is always a great stimulation for creativity, and making daily art and give yourself new challenges as well.


What are your creative plans for the new year?


much love !




PS: You can have 2 weeks Premium Skillshare for free to try out my class. Tell me which subject about drawing and painting techniques you’d like to know more about 🙂



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