Spring is there, so it’s time to gather your art supplies and go sketching outside! Urbansketching events are flourishing all over the world, and also in Brussels!

You don’t need to fly away to mix up your day-to-day and draw in your sketchbooks like I did by going to Portugal (video below).

Be like a visitor in your own town, or check out a campsite close by for a little local fun. Try stepping off the bus early and taking a new path in your neighborhood to see something different. Grab a bite from a place you’ve never tried instead of the same old spot. Take a longer way home after work, and enjoy some new views. Changing things up can be about simple stuff, not just big trips or huge changes. Little swaps can make life more fun and get you out of a rut.

And hey, why not bring along some pencils and your sketchbook? While you’re at it, give new drawing styles a go — it could make your adventures even more exciting!


If you’re in Brussels next weekend, you can join us on a sketchwalk with Urbansketcher Reham Ali and try out her impressive perspective sketches and splashes! She will show you how to do it! Reham is a very generous and inspiring teacher!

On the Facebook page of Urbansketchers Belgium you can see where to meet and where we will sketch: Sketch with Reham Ali


In the meantime I posted a video on my You Tube channel from Portugal.

Enjoy and hope to see you next Friday!

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