“Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later” [Bob Goff, writer]

Restlessness is invading me: I’m leaving again for Japan. This time to see the cherry blossoms. I’ll make some new sketching tutorials there ! Restlessness, excitement and feelings of guilt.

Packing my bags and leaving home always brings up tons of questions as well as fear, uncertainty for the unknown and a feeling of guilt. My inner critic cries out loud that I should stay at home, work a bit more. Did I work enough to deserve this holiday that costs a lot of money?

And as I pack my art supplies my inner critic shouts out loud: “what’s the use of packing all these stuff to make these ridiculous sketchbooks. You can’t make a living out of that anyway. What’s the use of making art? Make yourself useful instead and read some intelligent books, or study Japanese”.

I’m also feeling really guilty about my art supplies addiction… Or well, maybe not so guilty… doesn’t everybody has some kind of addiction to something?  🙂 Or like a friend of mine, Joe, wrote me in a comment on Instagram: you don’t need to pack your art supplies: you’ll buy some over there anyway” 😉

And as I pack my bags I’m also afraid of missing something at home… The fear of missing out,… Actually I’m packing my bags full of fear! Fear of missing out, fear of making a fool of myself drawing in public, fear of making “bad” drawings …

What or who am I afraid of,…? The one we’re afraid of is with us all the time: your inner critic who tells you you’re not good enough.

Actually why am I traveling so far away? What I’m going to do in Japan I can also do it closer to home: I’m going there to boost my creativity. Taking a holiday, going somewhere in a new environment (it might as well be some streets in your hometown where you never go) is good for your creativity. When you’re in a new environment, away from work, you rest your brain, you give your brain time and space, and you’ll have new insights. Or like Thomas Mann (1875-1955) wrote:

“Traveling removes us from our duties, worries, concerns and prospects. Traveling creates oblivion […] by releasing us with our whole being from the relations we maintain and bringing us in a state of freedom that originally belongs to us”

Psychological studies have shown that taking a break in a new environment brings new inspiration and creative thoughts. So… take care of yourselves, be kind to yourselves and give yourself a break from whatever are your duties and worries, be it in an office or at home… Allow yourselves some white space (silence) and me-time in a new environment. It doesn’t have to be an exotic destination.




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