“Drawing Changes Lives”

This month of October is the Big Draw International festival ! So I HAVE TO create a blogpost about drawing… (by the way, does someone know who has drawn this great cartoon? I found it on the internet and would like to credit the great author!)
So I want to “draw” your attention -hey what a lovely word game – 🙂 to all the benefits of drawing … 🙂
On the website of the “Big Draw” (http://www.thebigdraw.org/drawing-changes-lives) you’ll also find some interesting links, like the story of Andrew Marr who suffered a stroke, he used drawing to help him recover, with remarkable results: “I became Andrew Marr again when I started to draw once more. That was the first time I knew who I was properly and became myself again.’
Like Andrew says also so well: “Drawing doesn’t only affect only the economy. Drawing makes us better humans, makes us observe better. Drawing is about being more alive, being more human, having a richer sense of yourself ultimately.”
I cannot invent enough reasons to make you draw, or draw more! Draw every day! I love painting, but I always draw first. Anyway for me, painting is also drawing…
Drawing :
  • makes you see better, makes you pay attention to the world
  • makes the connection between the right and left side of your brain
  • brings peace, like a moment of meditation and mindfulness
  • it helps you when you’re stuck in a stressful moment
  • it’s a universal language you can use everywhere with anybody
  • makes you express yourself, connect with your inner artist and boost your creativity
  • helps you to collect personal experiences
  • helps you to make changes and discoveries
  • helps you to reflect on yourself and your life
  • and so much more…

When we draw, we take an opportunity to slow down, and to appreciate how the visual world works. By developing this skill we gain a deeper understanding of our surroundings and learn a truly universal language. A drawing can communicate an idea more effectively than words.

Drawing connects us with the right part of our brain and liberates our creativity. Are you stuck in life? Or stuck in your creative process? How about making some drawings?

You think you can’t draw and you’ll never be able to learn to draw? That you just don’t have that drawing skill? NooooOOoooo! Everybody can draw! Stop thinking about drawing as “Art” and learn to “draw like you write”. Everybody has his own handwriting. Discover your “handdrawing”.

Everybody was drawing as a kid. And one day we stopped and forgot about it. Mostly it was in our teenage years… due to undiplomatic schoolteachers who told us our drawing “s****”, or just because we lost interest in it?

Or maybe you do draw, but are frustrated with the results because you think others draw better then you and are more creative then you? Then it means you are paralyzed by your “monkeys” : the monkeys of perfectionism, telling me I’m not good enough, that this is not good “Art”, I will make a fool of myself… Lack of confidence…. All of these monkeys take away the joy of drawing and painting.

We get inhibited around drawing at a certain age:  – maybe seven, or thirteen – we come to the conclusion that we can’t draw. Our anxiety stems mostly from our educational system. We judge our achievements by some external, and actually irrelevant, standard. We grow up and glance at art materials; we like the weight of a particular pencil; we are charmed by the heavier texture of the paper. But often we lack the courage to start again and let ourselves draw like we were children. There’s such a lot of anxiety around failure. The act of drawing – if you are like this – is in itself a therapeutic move. It is a demonstration that fears and monkeys can be tamed that we are allowed to have fun and play around.

When you say you can’t draw it’s just an illusion! It has more to do with beliefs, then with ability and talent! Talent has nothing to do with it.

It’s not that you will one day draw like Michelangelo, but just “draw”! All you need is an open mind and have a go at it! Grab a piece of paper and a pencil.

In fact we can all draw!

Lower your standards. Focus on the essence of the object you want to draw. Don’t expect yourself to become Leonardo Da Vinci …

Drawing is a universal language. See it like writing. Don’t see it as Art with a big A. Draw like you were a child.

How many other beliefs and limiting thoughts do we carry around every day?


So tell me: “When it comes to drawing and creativity my biggest frustration is…”

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