Here’s a sketch from my bathroom !

There’s a lot to draw, and I didn’t clean up before drawing!

We take the showers in the bath. There’s no seperate shower, and because the bath is not build between two walls, we didn’t manage to put a shower curtain… So we splash water everywhere! That’s why we place mats and towels all around the bath… not to slip on a wet slippery floor!

As there’s so much to draw, I made the drawing before starting to make the video… so the video wouldn’t be too long.

I read somewhere that people don’t like long videos….

And after watching the video, I want you to have still some energy to make a drawing yourself, because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? 😉


Then on day 17 I drew the inside of a cupboard. OK I didn’t choose the most cluttered one ! But if this confinement lasts long I’ll have to start drawing the messy ones… 😉

Again a drawing with fine ballpoint pen and watercolour.

A fine ball point pen is super to sketch small objects. But a fineliner will do the jow as well! What I like about ballpoint pen compared to fineliners, is that you can better vary the intensity of the lines.

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