For this second sketchbook I try to very more between inside subjects and outside sujects, ans some techniques.

I painted a detail of a door, and then my art supplies… Actually when I paint my art supplies it means that I’m tired and out of inspiration… πŸ˜‰


We just heard that we have to stay confined for two more weeks, and maybe even untill 3rd of May !

And another friend is infected and will probably have to go to hospital… πŸ™

He’s a doctor and was infected because the gouvernment failed to deliver protection clothes to healthcare workers… and he brought the virus home and infected his wife….

Again be careful please: this is not a simple flu !! Protect yourself and in that way you protect others as well…


So we’re looking for routines to stay healthy, eat healthy, do some sports following online fitness class…. and continue working at home doing virtual meetings…

but I miss my friends and family…! Seeing eachother online is not the same…


Anyway let’s make art to cheer ourselves up! And I try to force myself to try ew ways of sketching.


Tell me below if you have comments or ideas or questions! And tell your friends as well,Β  so we spread the art virus πŸ˜‰





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