Hello everyone !

If you’re reading this during this Corona virus pandemic, wherever in the world you are right now : PLEASE STAY SAFE, stay as far away as possible from other people ! This virus IS NOT A SIMPLE FLU ! You can find testimonies from people in Italy and Spain, the countries most severely contaminated right now : also young people die…. please please please be careful! I have now two close friends infected. This is not a joke. It’s NOT like the flu ! It’s much much worse !

Here I again want to thank all health care workers of course and also the people working in the food distribution, super markets (often not protected!), the people collecting our garbage… (now that we stay home we have much much more garbage….)

Anyway I didn’t have much energy to paint today, but I forced myself and started a new sketchbook. Afterwards I’m always happy that I forced myself. This drawing and painting empties my head.

This video is dedicated to 2 infected friends.

I have to make a confession: in the video you see first I paint the virus, and then my watercolour palette. I first painted a tea cup but didn’t like it… Then I glued a new piece of watercolour paper over it and painted the palette…. So now you know everything! 😀

I hope you enjoy this anyway,

and stay healthy and safe.





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