How are you today?


Here’s a beautifu fresh spring sunshine! I’m very lucky. It makes this confinement less gloomy!


I only have a very small piece of a page left to finish this concertina sketchbook, so I have to make something that fits the previous painting, and that’s linked to the previous painting.

So as it’s spring time and the magnolia trees are in full bloom, I decided to draw some branches of magnolia.

I used a watersoluble graphite pencil (Viarco Portugal) to draw the branches, because it makes a nice grey teture when you paint on it.

I’ve also drawn the flowers with that, but that was a bad idea: of course it made the flowers look grey as well. So I erased them (not on the video) and drew them again in normal pencil.

I made a blue sky and some green background, to link this sketch to the previous one.


Tell me if you have questions in the comments below 


Take care of yourselves and stay safe!






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