👋👋👋these are the houses of my dear neighbours 🌸🌸🌸 Every evening we try to go and clap and make music at the windows and doors to thank the healthcare workers. It’s a joy to live in front of a rock guitarist who takes his guitar outside to play some music! I never saw my neighbours so often in such few days!

Today I heard 2 friends of mine are infected… cry😥 … 🦠‼️ So today I look outside to cheer myself up, to my dear neighbours houses 🏠 🏡 🏘 and the 🌞 is shining bright‼️

Stay safe‼️ Stay home‼️🌸 To protect yourself AND others, your dear friends and family that you want to see so much ♥️ .

Days like today when I feel a bit depressed and don’t have energy to paint…, it makes me frustrated and in a bad mood. Then my hubby gets angry and tells me to shut up and please go make a painting… And then when I do, afterwards it makes me happy and suddenly full of energy!
It’s the resistance…! Beat the resistance and just paint! And magic will happen! It will free your head of negative thoughts, and give relaxation and joy, even if it’s just for a while…

And you’ll have created something!

Stay safe‼️ Stay home‼️🌸

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