Another challenge of being confined at home is trying not to gain too much weight!

Usually I bike to the office and move a lot… now I’m just sitting at home, eating, with a gass of wine and chocolate….

So I started fitnessing at home with online videos, and I make a lot of vegetables.

So let’s paint some vegetables today (they have nicer colours then chocolate…)

I wanted to paint asparagus because it’s my favourite vegetable, but then when the asparagus was drawn, my page looke very empty. To have a nice painting, you need a foreground, focal point, and background… so I added an onion in the background and a garlic in the foreground.

I put too much paint… Didn’t leve any highlights, which made my waterdolour look dull. So I added watercolour pencil and some ballpoint pen in the end to make the drawing come out.

We learn a lot from mistakes!


I hope you also make some sketches! Share them on social media and tag me so I can see them and everyone can be encouraged!


Stay safe and healthy!





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