Day 3 confined at home….

I didn’t know I was so tired!!

Now that I’m staying home I feel it….

When we run to work everyday we just keep going and don’t dare to slow down: we feel guilty when we slow down and want to work less… Why? Because I’ve learned that I have to have a good job and earn my money and contribute to society that way. Build a career and work a lot, and even more. Work work work!

And when I stay home a day during the week instead of going to the office I feel guilty and cannot even rest properly because I feel guilty.

Is that life?

Do I want to live like that?

Now that I HAVE to stay at home I don’t feel guilty… and can rest… and make art 😉

And I can take time to have a good tea.

Today I paint a cup of Matcha tea.

I first draw in ball point pen. Waterproof ink.

And then I watercolour. You can use a white greasy pencil like a dermatologist pencil or a pencil with which you can draw on ceramics and metal, to leave white. The brand I have is “Mitsubishi dermatograph”. I put it here while I was still painting before I forgot, but it’s better of course to put it on the paper BEFORE you start painting …

Then I put the shadows with a mixture of grey: ultramarine blue and transparant orange (or burnt sienna). To make the mixture is best to use completely transparant watercolour paints. You can see the indication of transparancy on the package. Some paints are not transparant (e.g. cadmium colours are not transparant).


I hope you have fun!

Don’t hesitate to ask questions here in the comments so everyone can benefit of them.

STAY SAFE and STAY HOME to stop the virus from spreading.






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