Here are two more sketches, from yesterday and today.

I try to alternate inside views with outside views.

As I miss big dinners with our friends, I wanted to draw a view towards the dining table… the dining table with empty chairs waiting for the friends to come back, and my computer on the table, as this table now was turned into my home office….

I’ve drawn the door darker and with thick pencil lines, and a detailed door handle, and the table and chairs are drawn in ballpoint pen and not painted. So it goes to the back and the door comes to the front. In the background behind the dining table you see a piece of the couch, with a lamp and a painting. 

Today I painted another view towards the neighbours houses seen from a window on the first floor. They’re back views of houses in another street. I don’t know what happened with one of the windows but I managed to “kill” it! HAHAHA! You’ll immediately see which one I mean I guess? laughing

I made it too thick and too dark, and then I wanted to make it better and just managed to make it worse! So here’s some advice: when something doesn’t work out: just keep your hands off it or it’ll just get worse!foot-in-mouth

Oh yes and : don’t draw everything…. of course that’s impossible… So I left a big white space on the bottom left: there’s a really ugly house so I left it out. Don’t draw ugly and weird things, because then your drawing has a high risk of becoming ugly and weird as well….

So tell me if you have any questions?


Love and stay safe!



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