Here’s the first sketch in this concertina (accordeon) sketchbook.


It’s a sketchbook by Sennelier, with nice thick paper, called “USK book” (Urbansketching book). The paper is 340 g thick and you can paint with mixed media on it: it takes water quite well. It’s acid free, and costs about 11 euros per sketchbook.

I use pencil, watercolour and ballpont pen.

Let’s start painting the favorite room in your home. For me it’s the kitchen! I drew the kitchen window with the orchids on the window sill and the clutter at the sink.

I put some comments in the video so you can understand the creative process, because this was actually a very difficult sketch for me. At some point I thought I “killed” the sketch by painting the green of the garden… It would’ve been better without that, I think….

Well I don’t know… The relation to a painting can be difficult someties and full of doubt…

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