This is a very special “post confinement” summer… 2021 will be remembered.

I just came back from the magical île de la Réunion where I was invited to give 6 workshops at the travel sketchbook festival “Festival Embarquement immédiat”  and it was very emotional for me.

It was very emotional because that trip came after 2 special “Covid” years that were kind of emotionally exhausting for me, where I didn’t have the opportunity to take real holidays, where we weren’t able to see family and friends because of confinement, where we had to miss our colleagues and work at home… And also because the island is so special, with the sea, the mountains, the colors, the lovely people, the quickly changing weather… And finally also because it was the first time where I enjoyed giving my workshops really! The previous times I was very stressed and now I wasn’t. I was enjoying myself as well. Even if giving workshops to beginners takes a lot of energy, it was also very gratifying.

Here I share some pictures. 

I filled a “Laloran” leporello sketchbook and a Fabriano leporello sketchbook

 The Laloran sketchbook uses Clairefontaine paper. It gave a satisfying result but I prefer to paint on the Fabriano paper because it absorbs the colors less quickly and it’s stronger paper.

As a palette I used the new Folio palette by Arttoolkit. I had made 2 pocket palettes just before the Folio palette came out, and I merged them in the big Folio palette. I was very handy !

 I took some synthetic Escoda travel brushes and travel brushes by Rosemary’s & co. These are my favorites:

 –a dagger Perla #1/4″ by Escoda

– the green round Barrocco by Escoda

– the Rosemary’s R12 dagger

Did you try new art materials lately? It can boost your sketching skills. Also, even if you can’t travel: try to go and sketch somewhere near your place where you’re not used to go, and pick out a subject you don’t usually sketch!

Much love!

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