Hello my dearest !
How are you?

I hope this first month of the year is going smoothly for you!

When the new year starts I always have plenty of good resolution to boost my art skills, and doing creative challenges is always one of them! So I made an online class with a (small) creative challenge, with the hope that this will start a new habit of making a watercolor sketch (or a sketch without watercolor…) every day!


In this class we paint a teacup a day, one teacup a day, to start a regular creative practice, because it’s only by practicing REGULARLY that you dramatically improve your skills.


Often people tell me “but you’re so talented so drawing is easy for you! I don’t have any talent. It’s no use trying”! 

No, no!  With that mindset you’ll NEVER be able to draw & paint, because guess what? You only learn it by DOING it, by PRACTICE! It has nothing to do with a magic muse or with talent. It’s all about SKILLS you get with PRACTICE.


There are no magic tips, techniques or shortcuts to drawing. It’s all about focus and practice, about doing it every day to train your drawing muscles and getting more confident as you go…


The truth is you already know how to draw: we all did is as a child. You just have to find it back and unlock it, let it come out. It’s like handwriting: by doing it more and more you’ll discover your own style. It’ll also become a special moment of meditation and relaxation. Drawing, painting, writing: it’s all about focus and practice.


Why tea cups? Because I find them beautiful and it’s an excellent drawing exercise! You don’t have to sketch tea cups. it can be a coffee cup or a mug or anything else you like. Sketch something you like: your favourite mugs, cups, glasses…


What will you learn?

  • pencil drawing tips
  • how to simplify your watercolour to suggest complex shapes
  • how to paint the shadows of the cups to bring light in your sketch
  • some drawings in watercolour pencil

Why you should take this class

  • to give yourself a relaxing break in your day 🙂
  • to start a creative habit without overthinking of what to sketch
  • if you like tea cups 😀

Who is this class for?

  • intermediate levels
  • or for anyone who wants to try painting tea cups my way 😉
  • Don’t hesitate, if you’re a complete beginner, to ask questions and I’ll be happy to answer them, and even to add an extra video

With this link you can get a 1 MONTH free try out if you’re not member on the platform yet

I hope you like it!

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