A friendly reminder (also to myself): “No Progress without Action!

While I’m making my new online class about travel sketching in Portugal I am thinking about how to make people engage better and post drawings in the classes. I get a lot of reviews from people who never post drawings in the classes. I’m grateful for the reviews of course but puzzled about why they don’t post their art?

Simply watching videos won’t lead to progress. Please take the time to engage actively with the classes—don’t just watch the videos. This advice isn’t just for my classes, but for all classes on Skillshare and other platforms of course. It’s like learning to write: to learn to write, you have to try to write regularly. To learn a new language, you have to try to speak regularly…. Same with music…. Make music, not only listen to music, if you want to learn how to play music.

Enjoy the process, play, experiment, and embrace the “good enough” mindset. By doing so, you’ll make spectacular progress in your drawing skills.

I recently read a blog post by Wendy Mac that made me reflect on why people often hesitate to share their drawings or merely watch videos without actually try to make the drawing themselves. This often leads to frustration. We’re so hard on ourselves, aren’t we?

Perfectionism often manifests when we attempt to create art, whether it’s drawing, sketching, or painting. It’s a trap that can stop us in our tracks. The sketchbook should be a laboratory where we confront these issues, play with them, and discover ways to let go of our inner critic and perfectionism.

How does perfectionism stop us from drawing? How can we keep on going drawing and painting and enjoy it better? How can we start again after a long period of no drawing? The Perfectionist in you wants you to make a master piece each time!

What is a “good enough” drawing? As Wendy writes in her blogpost : I believe a good enough drawing is all about the experience of creating it, not about meeting certain expectations. Making a drawing involves unexpected moves, mistakes, and surprise gifts, which all contribute to the final image on the page. Sometimes, maybe even often, we find our drawing “ugly”… But also often, it turns out better than we expected.

As artists, everything we’ve done—every breath, every decision, and every person we’ve loved—brings us to this moment and to this drawing. It might not be perfect, but we tried, had fun, relaxed, and collected memories from the day. I want to believe that we are good enough.

So let’s go for “good enough” drawings and paintings, and show them to the world, because I’m sure they will brighten up someone else’s day and will encourage also others to spread beauty.

Can’t draw a straight line? Me neither! I learned to love my wiggly lines. There’s room for all kinds of lines in the Art World. Also for wiggly lines.

Have you seen my latest experimenting video on You Tube I made in Portugal?

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Tell me in the comments below :  do you regularly show your drawings and find them “good enough”?


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