Hi everybody!
I read an interesting article in an art magazine about how to learn to paint. This inspired me for this blog post and I want to share some insights with you.
But most important tip of all that wasn’t mentioned in the article: for the sake of your creativity: take time for yourself
We have busy lives in a busy world. I have a full time job, I’m a wife, I also want to spend a lot of time with my friends, my cat,… and I want to be an artist… I have a lot of people at the office, and clients, who need my time and energy, and a lot of my days I spend doing things for other people, or to make money for a living. You too? So I think: but let’s not loose our lives just to make a living.
Always remember that in the midst of doing all these things you need to take time for yourself. To re-charge your batteries. Take a little time (a little is better then nothing) to stop running and to sketch. Take “me-time”. That little bit of creativity will fuel your soul to go on and to do more and more of it. Add drawing to your to-do-list. Keep a sketchbook, an art journal,….

It’s not about being selfish. It’s about taking time for you to be creative, to observe your world and live more mindfully, to make space for creativity and for observing your life. Take time to observe the beauty around you. Give this permission to yourself and you will be able to give even more quality time to others in return.


Now what I wanted to share about mistakes to avoid if you want to improve your painting / sketching/ drawing:
  • to paint only from pictures
    to paint a copy of a picture can become problematic if it’s the only way you paint and if you spend your time copying every detail of the picture. Also if it’s not your picture, make sure to mention the photographer.
    Don’t become a “copy machine”… that becomes boring and frustrating. If you paint from a picture subject, try at least to make a free interpretation of the picture.The best is to paint from a real object of a life model, or a real scenery, so you learn to make a 2 dimension’s image from a 3 dimension object. When you go painting/sketching outside, you learn how to look at a scenery and select what to paint, how to analyze views and focus points,…


  • painting “beautiful subjects”
    The painting doesn’t get more beautiful or more ugly according to the subject: a beautiful subject doesn’t make a beautiful painting. There are no “bad subjects” in painting. Every subject can be made interesting and beautiful.


  • painting without drawing
    As painting without first making a drawing can give beautiful results, drawing regularly is very important to train your drawing muscles. As your drawing will get better and better the more you do it, so will your painting get better and better with your drawing.Some drawing improving tips:
    – Quality come with quantity: make series of the same subject, over ad over
    – Try out different drawing materials: it will modify your way of drawing
    – Simplify! Too much details can be confusing. Simplification often gives more power and elegance to your drawing.
    – Observe your subject carefully


  • Listen to your ego/monkey mind and thinking you’re not talented enough
    Being “gifted” doesn’t exist: talent comes with commitment, with WORK, with painting, drawing, sketching a bit every day. It’s a muscle you have to train.


  • Wait for inspiration to start painting
    Don’t wait for “inspiration”: Inspiration will come, but it has to find you painting/drawing/working. (I think it’s Picasso who said that first)
    Take risks, try out new things, be curious, be committed, be open,… have fun !
If you have something to add just comment in the blog, or email me at [email protected]
I’d love to hear from you.
So let’s take action ! What are you most struggling with? Make a list of 5 “mistakes” you do regularly that prevent you from growing your creativity. And what can you do NOW to commit yourself to progress?
What are you going to draw next to train your drawing muscles? 🙂
Show me!
Love and take care of yourself!

You Only Live Once !

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