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On this page I show you some of my art, watercolors, big and small ones, as well as some sketchbook images. These are sketches I made on urban sketching trips or simply at home at my drawing table.


Enjoy !

Creativity, sketching, painting, doodling… it’s all about having fun, playfulness and pleasure, and not about perfectionism, fear, competition and skills.

Urban sketching in Japan

This are my sketches from Japan, made in november 2015


  • February 2012: Vanishing Venice Watercolour Exhibition, Boesner Gallery, Hannover, Germany
  • April-May 2016 : Various watercolours, private gallery Uniphy, Brussels
  • November-December 2017: Drawings and watercolours in the DAP Gallery, Brussels
  • April 2018: Drawings and watercolours at the Wabo Cultural Centre, Brussels
  • 23rd june to 2nd september 2018: participation in an international watercolour exhibition in Maccagno, Italy
  • September – november 2018: Drawings and watercolours, De Wingerd gallery, Leuven
  • Novembre 2018 : Rendez-vous du Carnet de voyage à Clermont-Ferrand
  • March-April 2019: Drawings, sketchbooks and watercolours at the monastery “Wivina” gallery, Dilbeek (north of Brussels)
  • October-November 2019: participation in an international watercolour exhibition in Milano, Italy
  • Juillet 2021 : participation au festival de carnet de voyage « Embarquement Immédiat » à l’île de la réunion
  • Septembre 2021 : participation à l’exposition internationale d’aquarelle à La Boverie, Liège


  • Travel sketchbook Japan 2016
  • Travel sketchbook Porto 2018
  • Contribution to « Manchester sketchbook 2 », published in 2018 by Simone Ridyard and Phil Griffin at Muncunian Books
  • February 2020 : « Kisetsu, Les quatre saisons » by Editions Akinomé with my sketches from Japan
  • October 2021: “Sugoi! Trésors d’artisanat” by Editions Akinomé with my sketches about Japanese arts & crafts

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