Urbansketchers workshop “Simply Draw it” in Bruges 05/05/2019 at 14:00



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  • Simply Draw it: Urbansketching on the right side of the brain


    • Workshop description

    In this workshop we will exercise how to look in a creative way at an urban scene and sketch in a relaxed way what we see, avoiding overwhelm and allowing each participant to search for his own “handdrawing”. At the end of the session each participant will have experienced and researched a way of finding his own drawing style.

    This workshop is based on the method “drawing from the right side of the brain” by Betty Edwards and is especially meant for beginners.

    The verbal analytic left hemisphere of the brain doesn’t actually want you to draw because then it is “set aside” while you’re drawing. But once you “get into” drawing time passes productively.

    A lot of beginning sketchers feel uncomfortable with their drawing skills or overwhelmed by the environment to draw and don’t know where to start. This can cause a lot of stress and sometimes even takes away the joy of sketching and the monkey in their head sometimes even starts saying that they don’t have a “gift” to draw well.

    I developed some exercises to make drawing more accessible and to make progress in drawing more effective and joyful and to take away the fear of making a “bad” drawing.


    • Learning goals 
    1. Learn how to really look at a subject in a way to activate the right part of the brain (and to make the verbal analytic left hemisphere of the brain shut up)
    2. Learn some observation tips to make a “correct” drawing without knowing perspective rules
    3. Learn the basic drawing perception skills:

    The basic perception skills are:

    • the perception of edges (seeing where one thing ends and another starts)
    • the perception of spaces (seeing what lies beside and beyond)
    • the perception of relationships (seeing in perspective and in proportion)
    • the perception of light and shadows (seeing things in degrees of values)
    • the perception of gestalt (seeing the whole and its parts)


    “Learning to draw is really a matter of learning to see – to see correctly- and that means a good deal more than merely looking with the eye” [Kimon Nicolaides, the Natural Way to Draw]


    • Workshop location  Bruges


    • Duration 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon, from 2 to 5 p.m.


    • Supply list your sketchbook and your favorite drawing tools, such as a graphite pencil HB, B or 2B, color pencils, watercolors, pen or markers. And a folding stool to be comfortable.


    • Registration fee 30 euro/participant /day, payment with PayPal or bank transfer after registration per email at barbaraluel@gmail.com , discounts for students 50%.  Refund only possible if cancellation happens at least one week before the course.


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