Here I want to share with you a great article on how to draw better!

The article on the website features a collection of very practical tips and exercises with interesting scientific and artistic background.

I invite you to go and read it here for yourself and try all the tips out as they’re great practical exercises to train your drawing muscles and we all know: the more we do it the better we get at it 🙂

And most important: drawing makes you happy, and your happiness and positive thinking have found to be incredibly important in drawing.

Jen makes a detailed list of very important drawing exercises backed up with scientific research, like about mirror drawing, on fine tuning your motor skills, working on your short term drawing memory, the importance of making a visual selection of what you choose to draw, how to exercise playing with perspective drawing, exercise drawing by paying attention to negative spaces, scaling your drawings, learn the proportions, exercising your creativity in playing with different drawing ways, the importance on stealing from other artists to improve your creativity, about learning how to look, and finally: take breaks and enjoy yourself!

The article contains plenty of practical tips and ideas to get you going, or to keep you going.

There are some great reminders. For creative drawing, improve your skills at generating new ideas by drawing the same subject in multiple different ways. Look at how other artists work to challenge your own way of drawing.

Jen points this out as well: “The more we practice a skill, the more our brain physically rearranges itself, strengthening the neural pathways which are required by that skill. This means that the more we draw, the more our brains optimize themselves for drawing. The messages for budding artists is simple – go forth and practice!”

So here’s my call to action: grab a piece of paper and your favorite pen, and just do it !


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